Sub Solution Review: The Best Synthetic Urine?

Sub Solution reviews

In this Sub Solution review, I’m going to tell you about my journey using synthetic urine and settling on this high-quality fake urine brand.

Clear Choice Sub Solution has been the best seller, and the most trusted type of fake urine for a couple of years now because of some stuff that happened in the world drug testing. I’ll talk you through the problems with most other brands nowadays, and explain why Sub Solution should be the first choice you make now.

I’ll give you detailed Sub Solution synthetic urine instructions, compare it to Quick Fix, the second most popular brand of fake urine, and I’ll conclude this review of Sub Solution by telling you about a new product that’s even better.

My Experiences With Fake Urine

Here’s the thing, about three years ago I passed my first employment drug test using Quick Fix. It was only for a part-time job and I knew that the quality of the drug test wouldn’t be high. So I bought Quick Fix online, and I passed.

Fast forward another year and I was going for a full-time job, and my first instinct was to use Quick Fix again. I had read online since my first test that it was not great, it was unnatural.

But as I already passed the drug test with it, I was very close to just buying again. I thought I’d have a little look around, just 10 minutes research, to see if I was stitching myself up by being lazy minded.

I quickly found talk of Sub Solution synthetic urine. It’s a powder, which put me off a little bit, but then I thought it only takes about a minute to mix up, so what’s the problem?

In just 10 minutes, I found exactly why Sub Solution was a better thing to risk a job on than Quick Fix.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

People were saying that Quick Fix didn’t really smell all look like human urine. They also said it looks a little green, which I didn’t notice, but apparently if you hold it up to the light, an experienced eye can potentially spot that.

Plus, it’s just not complex. Sure, Quick Fix contains urea, uric acid, creatinine, and it’s balanced for pH and gravity. But that’s all it’s got, and for a lot of drug tests nowadays, that’s not enough.

Sub Solution contains 11 chemicals found in human urine, so it’s far more close to the real thing. When you submit a sample they will test the temperature. If it passes that, it later goes through a validity test, to make sure that it’s a real sample. They will test for certain chemicals (nobody really knows which ones, which is why the more complex the formula, the safe you are).

After all, that, if the sample is tested as valid, then they will test it against the relevant panel test kit to see if your sample contains drug metabolites.

In just 10 minutes I realized that Quick Fix was a far bigger risk. It’s half the price of Sub Solution, $40 instead of $80, but $40 means nothing if you’re going to get a job. So I decided to go for it and ordered Sub Solution.

The other thing I will mention here is a biocide. The quick fix doesn’t actually contain either, but neither the sub solution. Biocide is present as a preservative in many brands of fake urine. It’s rumored now that the big testing labs test for its presence, because by doing that it easily rules out fake samples.

So put together, Sub Solution is the most complex formula, it’s easy to heat up and keep it the right temperature, and it definitely doesn’t contain biocide (confirmed by the company who make it).

Instructions For Clear Choice Sub Solution

I didn’t buy Sub Solution from Amazon, I want to warn you away from that. Guys on Reddit a couple of years ago was saying that they were batches of out of date Sub Solution, and I also read that there were suspicions that some stuff sold on Amazon was fake.

So for me, I would buy Sub Solution direct from Clear Choice. That way you know you’re getting the best quality product, that’s real, and you’ll get guaranteed rapid delivery.

When it arrived, just like another brand of urine, there’s not a huge amount in the box:

  • Flask of powdered urine
  • Temperature strip on the side of the Flask
  • A small container of heat activator powder
  • Detailed instructions

When you get Sub Solution, it’s pretty easy to use though. This is how I’ve used it to pass my full-time job pre-employment drug test:

  1. Mix the powdered urine with the correct amount of water. Agitate it gently until the liquid is completely clear. If you want to get the sample temperature up immediately, use warm water.
  2. To heat the liquid, tap in about one third of the heat activator powder. Then gently agitate it until it disappears. You’ll feel it getting warmer, and it should start to register on the temperature strip, which will display when the temperature is between 90°F and 100°F, the legal range of acceptable sample temperatures.
  3. Just before you go into the testing facility, check the temperature. If it’s cooled, add a little more heat activator powder. You can transport it next to your skin to keep the temperature warm if you want to.

Now look, there are two ways of using Sub Solution. You don’t get a heatpad with it, so in actual fact, there’s no real point in warming up before you take your journey to the lab. You can do that if you only have a short journey, or you are intending to keep it close to your skin because that will keep the temperature very close to where it should be anyway.

The for me, the beauty of Sub Solution is you don’t have to worry about the temperature until just before you submit it. Check the temperature before you go in, tap in some heat activator powder and get it within the right range. Then you’re good to submit a valid sample for about 20 minutes.

For me, I was even in a separate room when I submitted the sample. So I got the chance to check the temperature, and if I had needed to, I could have even tapped in more heat activator powder. So this stuff gives you complete control over the process, and as long as the drug test is unsupervised (you would be crazy to use fake urine for a supervised one), then you’ll never get caught.

You see guys, the number one reason why people fail a drug test with fake urine is not because of the complexity of the formula, it’s because they submit it outside that magical 10° temperature range. But with Sub Solution that problem is eradicated.

Sub Solution powdered urine kit

Sub Solution Reviews Online

So before I ordered Sub Solution synthetic urine, I did look at Sub Solution reviews online to make sure that I wasn’t being fooled by a load of fake Reddit users.

What I found confirmed what I had already learned. Universally it’s recommended as the best brand. And it’s not just people trying to sell you the stuff, it’s real people talking about real job interviews.

I’m now one of those people who advocate using Sub Solution synthetic urine because it’s just the most guaranteed way to pass a drug test if you’re a heavy weed smoker, or anything else. You’re not taking any risks, and because of the heat activator powder, you’ve got complete confidence that your sample is going to be tested as valid.

Where To Buy Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

As said earlier, the best place to buy Sub Solution synthetic urine is definitely from the Clear Choice web store. That way you know you’re getting the best product.

You are going to be paying $80. That’s not cheap, especially compared to Quick Fix at half the price. But don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ll get away with spending half the money on getting a good product. Quick Fix is just about good enough for a basic pre-employment drug test, but I’m thinking nowadays it might not even be good enough for that in some cases.

I’ve never seen anyone online say they failed a drug test using Sub Solution. If they have, I’m pretty certain is because they messed up on the temperature. It’s so complex in the formula, that you’re pretty much guaranteed to pass the validity test.

So the conclusion of my Sub Solution review is to just buy it. Get a box in stock right now if you think you might have a drug test coming up. That way you’re insured against getting caught.

Clear Choice urine

Is There Anything Better Than Sub Solution?

But before I finish this review I want to tell you about something that is even better than Sub Solution. It’s also made by Clear Choice.

I’m going to do a full review of it for my next article, but let me just give you a heads up right now.

Quick Luck is like Sub Solution on steroids. It’s a slightly more complex formula, and it’s premixed, you’re not messing about with powder.

That makes it incredible for preparing the complex sample on the spot. Think about it, if you’re facing on the spot drug testing, in just two minutes you can get the sample vial, add in heat activator powder, and you’ve got a valid sample.

So Sub Solution is awesome, and plenty good enough for any drug test your face. If you want the ultimate in safety and convenience, then it’s looking like Quick Luck is actually a better deal. However, Quick Luck costs $100, so it is slightly more expensive.