Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine Review: Still The Best?

Quick fix reviews

Quick Fix used to be the number one brand of fake urine until Sub Solution took over that top spot. In this Quick Fix synthetic urine review you’re going to learn why that change took place, and whether Quick Fix can be trusted now.

So I’m going to tell you the answer that key question: does Quick Fix work?

You’ll learn what’s in the kit, whether the ingredients are complex enough to pass a drug test, give full Quick Fix instructions (including a couple of little-known tips), and whether you can trust what you hear about Spectrum Labs Quick Fix, so you can make great decision on whether it’s the fake urine brand you’ll use to pass your next drug test.

How Quick Fix Works

When you submit a sample this is the process that it goes through before you get your result:

  1. When you hand the sample over it has to be tested within a few minutes legally to make sure it’s within the correct temperature range. Although human urine exits the body between 96°F and 100°F, to allow for a few moments cooling, the acceptable temperature range to pass this test is between 90°F and 100°F. That’s still a very fine margin of error though.
  2. If it passes the temperature test it’s then passed on for testing by the lab technician. The first thing they will do is some validity checks. These can actually even do visual checks, looking through the sample (urine isn’t usually totally clear), shaking it to see if it froths like human urine, and even doing what’s known as the “sniff test”.
  3. The validity checks are then done on a sample, whether it’s a fake sample of Quick Fix, or a human sample (because they will not know at that point). These will include checking for substances found in human urine to make sure they are present.
  4. The final check that some labs do check for is artificial ingredients, mainly something called biocide which is an artificial preservative found in some brands of fake urine (Quick Fix doesn’t contain biocide).
  5. Only if all these validity checks are passed will the sample be tested against the panels on the drug test to see if any reaction to the presence of drug metabolites.

spectrum labs Quick fix synthetic urine

Is The Quick Fix Formula Complex Enough To Pass A Drug Test?

 So the million-dollar question of any brand of fake urine is will it pass that drug test? Basically, is the formula complex enough to pass all those checks that they will do?

The key question around: does Quick Fix work?  That can only be answered by looking at the complexity of its formula:

  • Quick Fix contains urea
  • It also contains uric acid
  • Quick Fix definitely contains creatinine (a byproduct of something called creatine)
  • It’s balanced for pH and specific gravity (the same ranges as human urine)

So it does contain the basics that would be looked for during those important validity checks. However, put that up against a market leader, Sub Solution. That contains 14 chemicals found in human urine, rather than the three found in Quick Fix. Although they are the main ones, for more complex drug tests it could be found out as a fake sample.

Quick Fix Instructions

Quick Fix instructions are pretty straightforward, but slightly more complex than Sub Solution because Quick Fix use a heatpad rather than heat activator powder.

Quick Fix synthetic urine comes in two sizes. The standard size is 2 fluid ounces. However, I’d always recommend you go for Quick Fix plus which is 3 fluid ounces because some labs now ask for a sample size of more than 2 fluid ounces to try and catch out people using most brands of synthetic urine.

Quick Fix instructions are as follows:

  1. Activate the heatpad about 10 minutes in advance, this allows it to the correct temperature and radiate a steady heat.
  2. If you’re just going to use the heatpad, attach it to the sample. You will need about one hour for it to get to the right temperature. So I would really only advise this if you have no other heat source available.
  3. There’s a temperature strip on the side of the premixed urine kit. Check the temperature to make sure it’s within the right temperature range. If you have a microwave, microwave it to get it within the right temperature range before you attach the heatpad.
  4. A top tip for me is to use hot water. If you don’t have access to a microwave, run it under hot tap (don’t use boiling water because it could melt plastic) to raise the temperature to make the work of the heatpad less difficult.
  5. Once the temperature is within the correct range and is stable, you can head off to the testing facility to submit your sample of Quick Fix synthetic urine.
  6. It’s vital that you check the sample temperature again before you go in to the building. If it’s cooled, again, use my top tip of hot water. Have a flask of hot (not boiling) water with you, and use that to top up the heat if the heatpad is struggling.

Quick fix instructions

Does Quick Fix Work?

Whether Quick Fix works will depend on two things:

  • If the type of drug test you are facing is not so complex that it fails validity checks
  • Whether you have submitted it within the correct temperature range
  • The visual scrutiny that the lab technician puts on your sample

Quick Fix has a very basic formula. But it is complex enough to pass those cheap pre-employment drug test that most employers commission (they only cost about 60 bucks). Because they’re not making much money, you’re not going to get that level of scrutiny that could get you caught out by the lab.

However, for a more advanced drug test, or if you are very unlucky with the person doing the validity checks, then Quick Fix might not work.

Buy Quick Fix Near Me?

Don’t search for Quick Fix near me, because that Internet search is pointless. Although you can pick it up in some dodgy smoke shops, it’s often sold out of date. The only place you should really buy this from an authorized reseller. Also, that means avoiding eBay and Amazon, stick to the authorized sellers online.

Are Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Reviews Accurate?

You’ll see a lot of user reviews out there for Quick Fix. They’ll be screaming that Quick Fix plus failed them. The problem is you don’t know the individual circumstances of those Quick Fix failed stories.

I’m betting that most of those people just messed up on submitting it within the correct temperature range. Alternatively, they could have underestimated the complexity of the drug test they are facing.

If you are facing a basic urine sample drug test, and you make sure it’s definitely submitted within the correct temperature range, then it stands a very good chance of passing.

Quick fix vs Sub Solution

Quick Fix Review: Conclusion

So look, the conclusion of this Quick Fix synthetic urine review is that it is a great value budget brand. The 2 ounce size only costs $30, and 3 fluid ounce Quick Fix plus only costs $40. So this stuff is dirt cheap really.

If you are facing a basic pre-employment drug test for a low level job, then Quick Fix will do a pretty good job of passing.

However, under close scrutiny against the light it can look a little green to me, I just don’t think that put against real urine it looks 100% accurate. That’s not the case with Sub Solution though. That costs $80, so twice the price, but you’re getting twice as much safety.

Sub Solution has the following benefits above Quick Fix:

  • Contains 14 chemicals found in human urine
  • It looks, smells, even froths like real human urine
  • It’s perfectly balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Sub Solution uses heat activator powder rather than a heatpad

The heatpad quality is vital alongside the complexity difference as well. As I said, Quick Fix plus failed people mostly because they submitted it outside the correct temperature range. A lot of that will be down to the heatpad failing.

Sub Solution doesn’t use a heatpad, it uses heat activator powder. Before you go in to the testing facility, just tap some into the urine and shake it up, and it will raise the temperature in about one minute. So no bulky heatpad to conceal, no worrying about it failing.

If you are short of money, you know it’s definitely a dirt cheap drug test you’re facing, or you simply don’t care that much, then Quick Fix could work, you’ve probably got about a 90% chance of passing.

If you want 99% guarantees on passing any type of drug test then Sub Solution is definitely worth the extra two dollars. The complexity of the formula is incomparable, and I’m telling you the heat activator powder, once you have struggled through a drug test with fake urine strapped to a heatpad, will seem like a gift from heaven.