Detoxify Mega Clean Review: Instructions, Tips & Best Deal

Mega clean review

In this Mega Clean review, you’re going to learn in just five minutes how good this detox drink is. There are only a few detox drinks out there that are genuinely powerful enough to pass a drug test, so is Mega Clean one of them?

We will talk about what Mega Clean detox drink really is and how it works, give you instructions for using it, and a couple of top tips to ensure you stand the best chance of being clean to pass a drug test using a detox drink.

You’ll also learn about how the effectiveness of detox drinks can be increased using pre-cleanse supplements, and we will also discuss where to buy Mega Clean detox drink alongside offering you some alternatives to consider.

Is Mega Clean  The Best Detoxify Drink?

Detoxify is the company that make Mega Clean. They also make several other detox drinks, and people get confused because they are so similar in name and how they look.

Every single Detoxify detox drink is in a red bottle with very similar names:

  • Ready clean
  • Xxtra clean
  • Instant clean
  • Mega Clean
  • Mega Clean NT
  • Mighty clean

Mighty Clean is meant to be the strongest, but it’s basically just three bottles of almost identical liquid to that contain the Mega Clean.

The other drinks are mostly cheaper and designed for low toxin exposure, and to be honest, are pretty useless unless you only smoke a couple of joints a week and have a very small body size.

Mega Clean  NT is just standard Mega Clean with three pre-rid capsules bundled in. But at full price, it’s $20 more than normal Mega Clean, and $20 for three pre-rid capsules is ludicrous.

Out of the range, Mega Clean offers the best combination of power, price, and convenience in being able to buy it easily, alongside the fact that the end of this Mega Clean review I’m going to tell you about a combo deal that’s far more powerful than the one offered by Detoxify.

What Is Mega Clean  & How Does It Work?

So Mega Clean is a popular and powerful detox drink. But let’s clear up some misconceptions here by telling you exactly how it works. When I first got into this stuff to pass drug tests, I was confused as well.

Although they are called “detox drinks”, they don’t actually detoxify your body at all. This is how a detox drink actually works:

  1. When you drink it the body is flooded with a rich liquid that is processed and starts to filter into your bladder. As it does, the bladder fills up and you need to urinate. That pushes out the toxins already in your bladder.
  2. The fresh liquid coming in doesn’t contain toxins. But this is only for a few hours. Eventually, the fresh liquid that does contain toxins that have been processed by your kidneys starts to pass into your urine. So it’s important to realize that a detox drink only works for about five hours at a maximum.
  3. To prevent dilution, where the sample is tested by the drug testing people to make sure that it contains everything it should and isn’t watered-down by drinking tons of excess water, the detox drink also floods your body with things found in urine. Minerals, vitamins, and waste byproducts. Because the volume is so high these are passed mainly through your liver and kidneys as waste, ending up in your urine and making it look balanced.

Mega Clean Review: Step By Step Instructions

So as you can see, detox drinks are not permanent. But they are pretty smart, as long as you get a good quality one that has the volume of liquid, quality of liquid, and is packed full of the stuff found in urine in the correct balances, so that you have urine that’s going to pass a drug test, even if only for a few hours.

So I’m going to now talk you through the Mega Clean instructions you need to use to achieve cleanliness, including a couple of top tips from me to make using it more effective.

  1. The first top tip is to detox for as long as possible before the day of your drug test. This isn’t sometimes possible, but even 24 hours abstaining from whatever you take, eating well, sweating, drinking tons of water, will help. 48 hours is preferable. If you do this, more toxins will have been pushed out of your body, leaving less on the day to filter into your urine. This means that you will get a longer period of time after you completed drinking the detox drink free from toxins.
  1. Alongside this 24 hour detox, you should try and do a course of detox pills. If you buy Mega Clean from my trusted retailer you’ll get some bundled in free. If you can’t get hold of that deal, then I’d advise a 24-hour course of the powerful detox pill called Toxin Rid. That will push out far more toxins than just doing a natural detox on its own.
  2. Two hours before you go for your drug test drink the contents of the bottle of Mega Clean over about 15 minutes or so. Make sure you have an empty stomach to allow the detox drink to flush through your system quickly, so don’t eat for at least four hours before you consume the drink, and don’t eat afterward.
  3. Urinate as frequently as you can over the next hour. If you need to drink a little extra water, do that.
  4. At the end of that hour do a home drug test kit. This is an incredibly vital bit of advice from me for using Mega Clean detox drink, or any other sort of detox drink because it will tell you if you are clean or not. These are cheap and available from the same places going to recommend you buy the drinks from.
  5. If using Mega Clean for drug test success hasn’t worked, then you will need an alternative strategy. You could try drinking a little extra water (last resort), or have a second bottle of Mega Clean handy to consume instead.
  6. Although you probably won’t have time, once you’ve drunk more water or more Mega Clean, try and do another home drug test kit to ensure you are clean. If you’re not, submit a sample of fake urine instead, or call and say you have had an accident and need to reschedule for the next day.

Does Mega Clean Work

Does Mega Clean Work?

Now look guys, I’ve told you about the worst-case scenarios above for using Mega Clean detox drink to pass a drug test.

This stuff is really effective, especially if you can do a 24 hour detox using the pre-rid capsules I’m going to tell you about in a moment. The failure rate is really low. I’ve tested this stuff with home drug test kits and passed a live drug test two years ago with it. Mega Clean does work for drug tests.

Just make sure you have home drug test kits handy if possible, and maybe some synthetic urine as a backup plan just in case something does go wrong.

Advice On Buying Mega Clean

So let’s quickly look at where you can buy Mega Clean. If you’re searching for Mega Clean detox near me, then the only place you’ll find it is Walmart. But you won’t get it with the pre-rid pills I’m going to tell you about in a moment.

I’d also warn you away from buying pretty much any detox drink from the big store, a general online retailer, or head shops. Most of them, things like Stinger, Magnum detox, Champ flush, they are all crap.

The only place you should be buying detox products or fake urine is from reputable online retailers who specialize in this stuff.

Where To Buy Mega Clean

So I’m going to advise that you buy Mega Clean detox drink from You’ll get six powerful Toxin Rid pre-rid pills bundled in free, giving you a potent 24-hour detox to do before the day of your test. It will cost you $69 for that combo deal, which is a great value.

If you can’t get that, or you want something different, then there are some alternative pre-rid supplements you can buy:

  1. Toxin Rid is the most powerful alternative. You can buy 1 and 2-day courses which will allow you to complete a really strong detox before the day of your test. It’s not the cheapest out there, but it’s definitely the best. Any decent detox drink alongside a 24-hour course of Toxin Rid (costing $54.95)is going to give you a 99% chance of passing a drug test.
  2. Rescue 5 Day Detox ($60) is a great alternative to Toxin Rid, but as the name implies, you will need at least five days to complete the course. You’re really looking at getting rid of most of the toxins using this, and then using Mega Clean on the day to just cover up any stray toxins that are left.
  3. Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is not very strong, but it is very cheap (around $30) and does work. You’ll either need to strongly overdose on in the days leading up to your test, or use it for seven days alongside abstinence trying to get rid of as many toxins as possible. So again, it’s best used if you have notice of your drug test.

Where to buy MEga clean

Alternatives To Mega Clean  Detox Drink

 I hope this quick Mega Clean review has been helpful to you, and I want to close it by just giving you the names of some alternatives to, just in case Mega Clean isn’t available.

Ultra Eliminex is $80, is a very powerful detox drink and a great alternative Mega Clean. On its own, it’s more powerful, but Mega Clean with the bundled pre-rid pills is cheaper and just as good.

The second choice is Rescue Cleanse, costing $55 from Test negative. It’s a very strong detox drink with a great track record. Mega Clean, Ultra Eliminex, and Rescue Cleanse are all very similar in performance, and it may come down to what is available to buy.

Quick Clear detox is not as strong as the others I’ve mentioned here, but if nothing else is available then it’s definitely something to grab instead. But I wouldn’t recommend it unless my other three top recommendations aren’t available to you.

Mega clean alternatives