The Top 4 Best Detox Drinks For Drug Test

detox drinks for drug test

One of the easiest ways to pass a drug test is to use a detox drink. Easily available, easy to use, using detox drinks for drug test success is the most palatable and straightforward way to get through.

But the problem is that they do have a higher failure rate than using detox pills and synthetic urine. They are less difficult to deal with, and there’s less fear around using them, but the risk is higher. But what I want to do here is to lower that worry around using both them and synthetic urine, and tell you about the facts around detox drinks.

I’ll tell you exactly how detox drinks really work, and how to use them. We will also compare detox pills and drinks, and how you can even use them together for the best possible chance of passing a drug test.

On top of all that, I’m going to give you quick reviews of the top three brands of detox drink out there so you can make more informed decisions, as well as warn you away from some of the poorer quality detox drinks that have a really bad rep.

How Detox Drinks Work

When you take drugs the active ingredients that get you high are converted into waste products called metabolites. These are cellular sized waste products that drift around your bloodstream before working their way out of your body mostly through urine and stools. So they are processed through the bowels, liver, and kidneys.

As these metabolites work their way out of your body they appear in your urine. When you submit your sample, obviously it will contain some of these metabolites which are detected by the urinalysis.

A detox drink works by doing two things. Firstly it introduces a volume of liquid into your body that flushes out the existing toxins, by making you urinate so that they are pushed out. You could do this with water.

But this is where detox drinks are clever. They also contain a refined balance of ingredients that are found in urine. Vitamins, minerals, and other natural chemicals. It floods the body with them so that some pass through as waste products because they can’t be dealt with, so they appear in your urine stream and appear natural. Water couldn’t do that.

But they only do this trick for a few hours. Because the toxins that are still in your body will eventually work their way out of your kidneys and into your urine stream.

So a detox drink doesn’t genuinely detoxify the body, it just flushes out the toxins and keeps your urine appearing natural for a few hours, sometimes as many as five, often less than that. The better the detox drink, the more likely it is to flush out all the toxins and keep the balance appearing natural for a longer time.

Can You Get Specialist Detox Drinks For THC?

The next myth I want to dispel around using detox drinks is the idea that you can buy specialist ones that target types of drug metabolites.

There is no point in looking for detox drinks for THC, they don’t exist. As you now know, a detox drink simply flushes out every type of toxin, it doesn’t matter what it is. Then it replaces the balance so your sample appears natural.

Nothing targets THC metabolites at all, so there no specialist detox drinks for THC, just as there are no specialist detox pills for THC.

How To Do A Natural Detox To Help A Detox Drink

If you’re going to use a detox drink to pass a drug test then I’d always advise you spend 48 hours on a natural detox. You’ll read that on the side of almost every set of instructions for almost any detox drink.

A natural detox consists of the following steps:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Sleep well
  • Exercise and sweat
  • Go to the toilet frequently
  • Eat small, healthy meals with fiber
  • Stop taking in toxins including caffeine and alcohol

Doing this even for just 48 hours will help the body to push out more toxins than it will under natural pressure. Giving your body the best chance to get rid of toxins, so there’s less work for the detox drink to do, fewer toxins to flush out, and lowering the drip of toxins into your urine, giving you more chance of having that window of several hours.

If you got more notice, I’d always suggest doing a longer detox. 72 hours is great, even a week if you can manage it. Most people, except chronic users, will actually be naturally clean in 1-2 weeks anyway, which means that virtually any detox drink would then do the job on the day.

how to detox naturally

Detox Drinks Vs Detox Pills

So look, you could do a full natural detox and use detox pills to accelerate that process. For most people that will take about a week, but for chronic weed smokers, it could take longer than that.

If you don’t have that time, or you don’t want to spend $200 on a course of Toxin Rid detox pills, or you don’t want to go through the huge hassle of it, then a detox drink (hopefully backed up by a couple of days detox though) is the way to go.

Pros of detox drinks over detox pills are:

  • Easier to use
  • Quicker to use
  • No need to mess around with a detox
  • Cheaper than a course of elite detox pills

Cons of detox drinks Vs detox pills are:

  • There is still a small chance of you failing, which you can’t if you are naturally clean
  • You should still do some sort of natural detox for at least 48 hours before you use

My best advice is to use both. If you’ve got the time and money, buy yourself a course of Toxin Rid pills, they do one, two, three day courses which are perfect for partial detoxing prior to using a detox drink. This will flush out a ton of toxins leaving you virtually clean, leaving far less work for the drink to do.

detox drinks vs detox pills

Cleansing Drink Instructions & Tips

 So let’s now give you the generic instructions that you will need to use every type of high-quality detox drink:

  1. Make sure you do that 48 hour detox, supported by Toxin Rid pills if you can afford them. If you can’t afford it, or you don’t have time to do a detox, do what you can. If it’s literally a case of just stopping the night before, or just risking the detox drink and hoping, then you still stand about a 75% chance of passing if you can submit the sample within a couple of hours of drinking the drink.
  2. Drink the contents of the bottle over about 15 minutes and then urinate as frequently as you can over the next hour. Remember, you’ll only have about five hours before toxins start appearing in your urine again, so leave as soon after you have urinated 3-4 times to submit your sample.
  3. A top tip is always to do a home drug test kit just before you leave. If you fail, then you’re going to need to submit a sample of fake urine instead or drink the contents of a second detox drink. You’ll then have to try and urinate on the journey to make sure you urinate a couple of times at least. But if you prepare, and have a Plan B, you won’t face this nightmare situation.

Do Marijuana Detox Drinks Work?

People worry they ask: do detox drinks work? Well, the truth is a lot of them don’t work that well. There are poor quality ones out there, things like Jazz Total Detox, Stinger Detox, and Magnum detox instant flush.

You can’t spot them by the price, as all those are actually nearly the price of the good ones, but mostly slightly cheaper. They also have positive reviews online, but that’s also balanced by loads of negative ones. You’ll also find poor quality ones tend to be available in non-specialist stores, places like Walmart, Walgreens, on GNC, Amazon, eBay.

But if you can get your hands on a high-quality detox drink, and especially if you can do at least a 24-hour detox beforehand, then yes, detox drinks do work.

Consider Using Synthetic Urine

But having said that detox drinks definitely work, I would just mention again that a great alternative is synthetic urine.

I know it can seem scary to have to submit a fake sample, you’ve got to smuggle this stuff in. But most drug tests are unsupervised, and although they might search a bag, they won’t be grabbing at your groin, as long as you tuck it safely in that area close to your skin, you will be found out, especially if you are wearing baggy jogging bottoms.

Synthetic urine, a high-quality one like Sub Solution is definitely safer for an unsupervised drug test because you stand a 99% chance of passing, as long as you submit the sample within the correct temperature range. Sub Solution uses heat activator powder which gives you an excellent chance of doing just that.

If you really don’t have the confidence to submit fake urine, at least have it as your plan B, and then buy yourself a high-quality detox drink and do that 24-48 hour detox if possible to improve your chances.

detox drinks for THC

The Best Detox Drinks For A Drug Test

So let’s now take a look at the top four best detox drinks for drug test passing. I classify these as the best detox drinks for THC and every other type of metabolite because they have a great track record.

I say they have a great track record from personal experiences as knowledge, with people I know, online friends, and feedback through Facebook and websites. Plus, I always look in detail at chat on Reddit and YouTube, places like that, to see what the trends say. These are the four brands that consistently have realistic positive reviews.

  1. Ultra Eliminex is the most powerful detox drink on the market. It’s made by Herbal Clean, who also make the fast less powerful and reputable Qcarbo32. However, this is a completely different animal, it’s a very strong formula. Someone I know used this last year to pass a pre-employment drug test. A regular weed smoker, 24-hour detox, passed like a dream. Instructions are really straightforward just as I outlined earlier. You don’t need to drink additional water, and although it’s the most expensive detox as well, it’s well worth the money.
  1. Mega Clean is my second choice. It’s available in places like Walmart, but don’t buy it from there if possible. If you don’t have any other choices, then yes you can grab a bottle at Walmart and it will be your best short-term solution. If possible, always buy Mega Clean from Test Clear. That way you get it with six free pre-rid pills which will help to push out more toxins during your detoxification. So on its own, Mega Clean isn’t much better than Qcarbo32, but still the best choice if you are in a situation where you have to grab a bottle off-the-shelf. But backed up by the free Toxin Rid pills, it becomes one of the most potent solutions.

Mega Clean detox drink

  1. Rescue Cleanse is a 32 fluid ounce detox drink with a great track record. It’s made by Clear Choice, who also make Sub Solution synthetic urine. It’s been around a few years but has a very good formula that has stood the test of time, and I believe it has also been updated in the past year or so as well. It’s cheaper than Ultra Eliminex and is also slightly cheaper than Mega Clean with the pre-rid pills. But it’s definitely a great option, especially as you can buy it at the same time as Sub Solution from the official website.
  1. In the last place is the drink I mentioned earlier, Qcarbo32. You can also buy this in places like Walmart, but it’s not that good. Unless you have light toxin exposure only, then it’s not going to be a strong enough formula to flush out the toxins and maintain the balance in your urine. However, if you can’t get your hands on any of the other three, if you’re desperate, then it’s definitely the one to go for. If you can get a 48 hour detox done beforehand as well, then you could stand a chance using it. So it’s not one of the best detox drinks, but of all the other detox drinks for drug tests, it’s definitely the only other option I would ever consider.

Whichever one you choose, I’d always lower the risk by making sure you get the highest quality one you can afford in stock now. They have a long shelf life. I’d also buy synthetic urine so that you have a backup plan, and if you can afford a 24-hour course of Toxin Rid as well, even better.