Best Synthetic Urine Kits Revealed & Guide To Using Them

synthetic urine reviews

If you use the best synthetic urine then you can definitely pass a drug test using it. In fact, it’s by far the easiest way to pass a drug test if you know that you will fail because you have drug metabolites in your body.

However, finding where to buy synthetic urine for a drug test that genuinely works is quite tough. There are more than a dozen popular brands out there, but the shocking truth is that actually only three of them genuinely stand a chance of really getting you through a drug test. Worse than that, only two of those three are suitable for anything more than a basic employment drug test.

But what I’m going to do right now is tell you about the best synthetic urine kits, in three quick best synthetic urine reviews. I’ll tell you how to use them if they contain everything testing labs might look for, and I’ll tell you the brands to avoid.

Why Use Synthetic Urine For Drug Test?

A lot of people back out of using synthetic urine for drug tests. The reason is that they get scared about submitting a fake sample, they worry about smuggling it in and getting caught.

They also have worries that the formulas are complex enough, and that they will get spotted as obvious fake submissions.

So many turns to detox drinks, which do work in most circumstances. However, people with high toxin exposure, or people who buy weak detox drinks really struggle. That’s why I’ve always advocated synthetic urine. If you get the right brand then it’s 100% guaranteed to pass.

It’s not that difficult to smuggle fake urine into a drug test because nearly every single drug test administered in the USA is unobserved. This means nobody is in the room with you, especially if it’s employment-based drug testing. So you simply don’t have to worry about getting caught.

As long as you submit the sample within the correct temperature range, as long as the formula is advanced enough, and as long as you don’t do anything stupid when you submit it, it’s by far and away from the best way to pass a drug test.

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What Does Fake Urine Contain?

Fake urine obviously has to contain chemicals that are found in real urine. Human urine is actually quite complex, and there are trace elements of dozens of different chemicals in it. However, the main things found in it are creatinine, uric acid, urea, and a couple of other things. These are the main ones that are tested for.

Put together, to pass a drug test, the synthetic urine you use for that test has to like this:

  • Must contain urea
  • Must contain creatinine (the waste product of creatine)
  • Has to contain uric acid (although this isn’t always tested for)
  • Should contain other chemicals if possible
  • Has to fall within the correct specific gravity and pH range
  • Must look, smell, and froth like the real thing as closely as possible

So as you can see, even at that basic level, a lot of brands of fake urine are going to struggle. Synthetic urine reviews don’t generally cover things like look, smell, and froth for example. So let’s look at that in detail right now.

For a cheap employment drug test, you’re not going to be scrutinized that closely. But you could get unlucky. Visually they will obviously look at the sample, and if it doesn’t look natural then that could make them look at it more closely.

In fact, I’ve seen examples online of ex-lab technicians talk about a “sniff” test, where they basically make sure that it looks, and smells like the real thing. Human urine also froths a bit when you urinate, so a completely static sample won’t look that natural.

Only the best synthetic urine, which is a surprisingly small group of products, can achieve everything I’ve just talked about. But if you do use one of those products then it’s 99% guaranteed to pass those validity checks.

How To Use Fake Pee For Drug Tests

It doesn’t matter what brand of synthetic urine you use it for a drug test, the basic process is very similar. The only difference comes in how you keep the sample warm, there are three ways you can do this:

  • Use an air-activated heatpad
  • Use heat activator powder
  • Keep the sample close to your body and use that heat

The problem with just using body heat is that it’s very open to the vagaries of air temperature outside. Human urine exits the body within a surprisingly tight temperature range, between 96°F and 100°F usually, which doesn’t give you much margin for error if the air temperature outside is very hot or cold.

Legally the testing labs in the USA have to accept it if the sample is 90°F or warmer, to allow for cooling when you hand the sample over. They also have to test the temperature of it within a few minutes legally as well to check that it’s valid.

But however you heat it, you have to have that urine sample within a 10° temperature range. That’s why most people fail drug tests using synthetic urine because they have the sample to hot, or most likely, too cold.

So the process looks like this:

  1. Firstly you need to heat the sample up. You could just activate the heatpad and use that heat, or you could put it in the microwave first for a few seconds. Or you could just add heat activator powder if your product uses that, and then use a heatpad to maintain the warmth. Alternatively, if you are using just heat activator powder, then don’t heat the sample at all, just put the powder in just before you go into submit your sample. It can raise the temperature in about two minutes, so you will be fine.
  1. Concealment isn’t the big problem most people think. Some people use synthetic urine belts, but I don’t think they are necessary for basic employment drug testing because you won’t be scrutinized that closely. The belt also keeps the temperature more regulated because the urine sample is spread out around your torso, but it does add another layer of complexity for transport and dispensing samples. For me, just a small container, usually the one supplied has a good shape and size, tucked into your underwear is going to be fine. Just wear loose jogging bottoms and you will be completely undetectable.
  1. Just before you go in to submit your sample, check the temperature. If it’s too cold then you need to heat it up. Water is great for this. And as you’ve probably guessed already if it’s too warm, use a bit of cold water (I mean run it over the sample container, not add more water), and it’s too cold to use hot water.

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Where To Buy Synthetic Urine

When people ask me the question about where to buy synthetic urine, I always recommend the authorized resellers or the main company websites. The reason I always advocate this is that there are a lot of fakes out there, especially for the more expensive recommended brands.

It’s easy to put together a sophisticated fake in a short time, and for a small outlay. That’s why it’s a bigger risk of buying products from eBay and Amazon because unscrupulous sellers are more likely.

Fake Urine Brands That Cannot Be Trusted

So before I turn to tell you what the best brands are, and give you a detailed synthetic urine review of each, let’s just tell you about the brands that cannot be trusted.

The main reason brands can’t be trusted is because they were never designed for urinalysis testing in the first place, more for fetish and joke use. So they just don’t contain the things that the lab will check for.

On top of that, a lot of the cheap brands and older brands contain artificial preservatives called biocide. It’s rumored that Labcorp realized that they could rule out most fake samples simply by testing the sample to see if biocide was in it. So it makes sense to steer clear of the brands that we know definitely contain it.

Magnum, Upass, and Xstream are three very popular brands that are simply not good enough quality to pass a modern drug test. They contain biocide, they don’t contain all the ingredients needed to mimic real urine, and they don’t look very realistic.

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Top 3 Best Synthetic Urine Product Reviews

The top three best synthetic urine products are all complex enough to pass basic drug testing. None of them contain biocide, they have reliable heating methods, and they look like real urine to some degree.

I’m giving you the best synthetic urine reviews in order of my preference, for most complex and trustworthy, through to the least. However, all three of them will get you through a basic pre-employment drug test, and numbers one and two will get you through even the most complex ones.

  1. Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

For all the reasons I’ve outlined in this quick guide, Quick Luck has become my synthetic urine of choice.

It’s premixed so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a powder. That makes it really quick for on-the-job drug testing, you don’t have to mix it up or prepare it, it’s ready to go as soon as it’s warm.

Quick Luck is also the most complex formula on the market. Sub Solution used to be, which is why it’s now in second place for me, alongside the fact that Sub Solution is powdered.

Sub Solution contains 14 chemicals found in human urine, Quick Luck apparently contains 16. So it’s getting closer to completely matching the profile of human urine. That’s brilliant because it means that for anything other than the most ridiculously scrutinizing of drug tests you will pass fine.

Plus, you get the heat activator powder with Quick Luck. Heat activator powder is brilliant because you don’t need a heatpad, you don’t need to do anything until you’re just about to submit your sample. Then you tap in some of the heat activator powder, and within about 60 seconds it raises the temperature. If it’s not warm enough, tap in a little more.

So you get complete control over the temperature of the sample, and as long as you keep it tucked in your underpants afterward, it will stay warm for long enough for you to go in and submit your sample.

You’ll also get a pair of high-quality heatpads. So you can use them to practice to see how the temperature will stay warm, or you can use the heat activator powder, then keep the heatpad on it to keep it warm, or you could use the heatpad alone to raise the heat or a combo of microwave and heatpad. You have literally every option for heating the sample and maintaining it.

  1. Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

 Sub Solution used to be the best synthetic urine product. However, as I’m doing really honest synthetic urine reviews here, I have to say it’s now down into second place for me because of Quick Luck being premixed and more advanced in the formula.

Quick Luck costs $100 though, and Sub Solution is $20 cheaper. There’s not much between it, but Sub Solution could be the better option for you.

You don’t get a heatpad with Sub Solution, you just get the wonderful heat activator powder. So you just get powdered urine and heat activator powder in the box.  That’s all you need though, and apart from mixing the urine up with water, you can still present a sample that is likely to pass the most advanced of drug test in about two minutes.

When you order Sub Solution or Quick Luck from Clear Choice, you can also buy something called “the practice kit”.

The practice kit contains everything that the Quick Luck kit does apart from the fake urine. But what it does is allow you to prepare to use synthetic urine for drug test success.

Rather than having to learn on the day, the day before you can experiment. You can see how quickly the heat activator powder works, how much you need. You can see how the heatpads work, what happens if you microwave the sample, and how long the sample will stay warm against your body.

You could even do a full dry run. Transport the warm sample to the lab and around the corner find somewhere you can manipulate the temperature using the heat activator powder if necessary. It just gives you that extra control over the temperature on the day.

If you buy Sub Solution or Quick Luck alongside the practice kit you’ll get a great combination deal where you will only pay $35 for it, rather than the usual $65.

best synthetic urine

  1. Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

In third place is Quick Fix. We’re really taking a step down here into the budget basement, to be honest. Quick Fix only costs $30, or $40 for the larger Plus size. I’d recommend you buy the 3 fluid ounce plus size because for an extra $10 it means that you can’t be caught out with a sample that is too small for some modern drug testing (Quick Luck and Sub Solution are 3 fluid ounces).

Quick Fix is good enough. If you’re going for a basic pre-employment drug test or basic on-the-job drug testing then it should pass. It contains the basic chemicals we’ve already talked about, and just like Quick Luck and Sub Solution, it definitely doesn’t contain biocide.

I will say that if you look at it closely against the light that it can have a slight green tinge to it. But when you are usually pouring it into an opaque sample container that is then tested for temperature and passed on, that should be a problem.

So Quick Fix is a great budget product. Your only come up against problems if you are facing a more advanced type of drug test, but then you will probably be aware of that in advance because of the position you’re going for, or because you’ll be taking the test within the law system.

Quick Fix uses a heatpad rather than heat activator powder. It’s okay and should work and not fail unless you’re really unlucky. However, I recommend my water method just to make sure that on the day of your test you don’t get caught out.